Готовые домашние задания по латыни

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04.02.2017 Jonathan Hutson

If you want more alternate history like this i highly suggest turtledove s tl series.

02.02.2017 Deltahunter

Well i m ready to delve into the war zone that the comment section has most likely become due to sjw s or shit like that

30.01.2017 Kenneth Jackson

I think this show is alright its not that funny its little too predictable and i don t think the guy that wrote it could pass a community college history test dude slavery was ended by the th amendment nothing to do with the emancipation proclamation that was just a morale booster to fire up his base my ancestors weren t technically free until a year later when senate passed

28.01.2017 emily bennett

Amazing how well researched this is.

26.01.2017 Forest Rivers

Corporate states of america ltd, is more like it these days

24.01.2017 Jeffrey Gao

In this alternate age earth, i d say canada s the most powerful nation or britain. The csa can t hold a finger to them!

23.01.2017 Ale Titan

Guess it looks like something from the s because of the budget

21.01.2017 ESponge2000

The south had absolutely no interest in conquering the north, though they were willing to take their fight to the north and did in the battle of gettysburg, pennsylvania

19.01.2017 Jax Huckabee

What is the banjo song at ?

18.01.2017 Jade Chen

I am dying!

15.01.2017 Mynameisjeffmeme Mmmyes

O boy i love my self some koon chicken

13.01.2017 Monsieur

This movie had me chuckling throughout it, especially the commercials

12.01.2017 BlackAces1983

Republican wet dream. The gop of today, of course.

10.01.2017 Bibliotheca suum Caesar

This poses an interesting question what about liberia? It was founded by freed american slaves. Would it cooperate with the csa?

08.01.2017 Jack kaden

I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees, you?

06.01.2017 Vanillakimchi

It s weird how they present lincoln. . He was a white supremacist he did not support equality of the races. Look it up.

04.01.2017 Isaac Pasley

In my opinion, red canadian injustice sounds like a great name for a band perhaps some political punk band from toronto, or something like that.

01.01.2017 Taro the Blue Balloon Fox

Thank god the north won!

31.12.2016 Taro the Blue Balloon Fox

Oktoberfest chugs down krombacher i know nothing about oktoberfest other than the fact that it is a german event that takes place in october.

28.12.2016 Shiloh McClelland

Fuck this movie it was made by british

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